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Costs of the intercountry adoption process from Romania

In Germany, you have to calculate between 10,000 and 15,000 euros for the adoption process from Romania.


For your orientation, we have compiled the costs for you based on our process with two children and also taken into account the expenses that are still to be expected.

These costs apply to Germany. They differ in other countries. They are higher in particular when working with private agencies. See our overview with links for other countries.

Cost overview

Costs in Germany

  • Translation: 1,794 euros

  • Regional court: 1,360 euros

  • Youth Welfare Office: 1,300 euros (in our case, this was not charged by Stuttgart)

  • State Youth Welfare Office: 1,200 euros (for us, still according to the previous version of the law, 800 euros)

  • Post/courier: 758 euros

  • Registry office: 224 euros

  • Notary: 123 euros

  • State Health Office: 60 euros

  • Public Order Office: 52 euros

  • Doctors: 20 euros

Cost in Romania

  • Children's equipment: 3,000 euros (estimated)

  • Travel: 2,491 euros

  • Translation: 783 euros

  • Ministry of the Interior: 96 euros

  • Regional court: 8 euros

  • Registry office: 4 euros

Sum: 13,273 euros

Explanation of the costs in Germany

The highest fees are incurred for the services provided by the youth welfare office and the state youth welfare office, both of which are regulated by law (here).


Individual municipalities refrain from collecting the fee for the home study report, but that is the decision of the respective municipal council. We have included the fees valid in autumn 2021 in the overview.


More than 1,000 euros are charged for the various apostilles and notarizations at the regional court.

There are high costs for translations in Germany. It is therefore worthwhile - at least for the monitoring reports (that's how we did it) - to work with a translation agency in Romania.

Costs in detail

If you have any questions about individual positions, please contact us.

Explanation of the costs in Romania

The cost of administrative fees in Romania is low.

You will spend the most on your trip. The biggest item here was the rent for an apartment that we lived in for three months. There would have been cheaper alternatives locally if you wanted to save something. In addition, you have to expect costs for foreign health insurance, flights or car travel, etc.

Another major item is “Children's equipment”. We estimated this value because we did not keep a record of all the clothes, gifts, etc. that we bought. The costs were certainly higher for us than in other cases, since we outfitted two girls. However, these expenses are individual and do not stop after the adoption process.

The cost of translation in Romania is rather high because after the process has been completed, a total of eight monitoring reports have to be translated and legalized. In our case, a Romanian translation agency provides that service. If you have this done in Germany, these costs are much higher.

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