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Required information and questions for the home study for adoption applicants

In our questionnaire from the youth welfare office, the following information had to be provided and questions answered:

  • Personal details (education, occupation, etc.)

  • Economic situation (joint monthly net income before and after taking in the child, assets and debts)

  • Information about the apartment (rent/property, square meters, rooms, garden)

  • Are there serious health problems in the family?

  • How long have you known each other as a couple and how long have you been married? Children?

  • Birth dates and occupations of the couple's parents and siblings


  • How did you experience the atmosphere in your parents' home? What was positive and what do you definitely not want to take on?

  • How did the common adoption wish evolve?

  • What do you think would change if you were to have an adopted child?

  • Do you still want to have your own biological children or have you finished with this wish?

  • What are the reasons for not having a biological child?

  • Do you have specific ideas about a child?

  • Where do you see your possibilities and limits to influence the development of a child?

  • What experiences have you had in dealing with children?

  • What circumstances of the parents of a child could trigger rejection in you?

  • Would you be ready to meet the child's parents? (Note: Open adoptions are not possible in Romania )

  • How do you feel about contacts with biological parents, even after the adoption conclusion? (Note: Open adoptions are not possible in Romania )

  • Where would you look for help and support with questions and problems in your upbringing?

  • Which placement offices do you know and which offices are you already in contact with? (Note: for Romania only the central adoption office at the state youth welfare office )

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